Intense racing. Intelligent price. Insane fun.

Are you ready to race hard? To drive ten-tenths? To totally wring a car’s neck?
You’ll love competing in Spec Racing. Here’s where skill, smarts, and desire – not your wallet – are what counts.
It starts with a unique racing machine – Spec®Racer. No other racecar serves up Spec Racer’s special sauce of high excitement and low cost. Every component is designed and regulated to control costs, letting the driver shine in what could be the safest, lowest maintenance racecar in history.
And it’s not just cars and competition that make Spec Racing so enjoyable. Even though they take no prisoners between greens and checkers, Spec Racer drivers are as close off the track as they are on it. Many have become fast friends for life.

The ultimate racing equality: your fate is sealed.

One key to Spec Racer’s stunning success (more than 865 cars sold) is its uncompromising “spec-ness.” Engine, transmission, shock absorbers, and eletronic engine control are performance matched and sealed shut. Only authorized technicians can break the tamper-proof seals to service and inspect these components. All engines are assembled and equalized at SCCA Enterprises’ Engine Department. To keep everyone honest, a National Compliance Team conducts surprise inspections at SCCA® National and Regional events nationwide.

What’s non-spec? The shift knob is one.

Add to that: instruments, data acquisition, steering wheel, switchgear, radios, and some driver ergonomic/safety items. Typical chassis tuning adjustments – ride height, shock rebound, sway bars, camber, caster, toe, brake bias – are okay within specific limits.
Virtually every other part is stone, cold spec. This includes the durable, predictable Hoosier® Spec Racer tires.

The safest racecar ever built – you could be looking at it.

Sometimes crashes can happen. (We’re racing here, folks.)
That’s why SpecRacer® protects you with 360-Degree Saftey™ – structures designed to absorb impacts from front, side and rear, helping to keep you secure in a central driving position.
Even better, damage can be fixed fast, often within a few hours. These cars can take punishment and keep coming back for more. A cat should have so many lives. In more than 25 years, and millions of racing miles, only a handful of SpecRacers® have been totaled. In fact, many built in the 80’s are still competitive today.
Don’t let the rugged safety fool you, though. Generating cornering forces up to 1.5g, there’s a racer in SpecRacer®. It’s quick, responsive, and exciting to drive.

srfentWe’ve got you covered.

SpecRacer® Ford supported by a unique nationwide network of Customer Service Representatives. They’re live and on the scene at most SCCA® road racing events with parts, service and tech support you need for a successful – and fun – race weekend.driver by car


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